When will we see the next sex-truck trailer?

As soon as it’s ready.

“When we get it out of the lab, we’re going to be ready for it to go into production,” says Scott Osterman, a product manager at Google Glass.

“It’ll be a completely different product.”

Osterminter, a video producer, and his partner, Adam Kipnis, will be working with Google to build the new sex-tube, dubbed “Bucket,” and their video will be shown to employees at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, as part of Google’s Drive event on January 22.

“You’ll be able to get your work done,” says Ostermner.

“And the only reason you would be doing that is to go out and have sex with a bucket truck.”

The new sex truck will be called “Bucket Truck,” and it will be a hybrid of the “bucket” trucks Google introduced in 2014 and the “box truck” trucks that have been around since the late ’90s.

In the bucket truck model, the vehicle uses a bucket to transport the payload of the vehicle, but the bucket itself also serves as a sex toy.

The new truck will weigh up to 1,400 pounds and will come in a wide range of colors and configurations, including a standard-width “bucketsize” option that can hold up to six buckets.

The “Bumpin’ Bucket” model, which is similar to the standard “BUCKET” truck, will weigh about 1,500 pounds and include two large rubber buckets.

Both models will have a seat for both men and women.

Ostermax says it is currently in talks with various partners to get the sex-tubing system built and ready for shipping.

Google Glass is expected to debut at Google’s upcoming I/O developer conference, called “World Wide Web,” in early July.

Google has been teasing Glass since the end of 2017, when it unveiled the Glass Camera, an augmented reality headset that could allow users to interact with their smartphone or tablet using the glasses.

The company has also been developing wearable devices, such as Google Glass, that could interact with the Internet of Things, including smartwatches and car dashboards.

Google recently started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a smartwatch with a built-in Glass camera.

“Google Glass has been a tremendous success, and it’s been a long time coming, but we can’t wait to get Glass on people’s wrists,” says Chris Messina, a vice president at Google Ventures, which owns the Google parent company.