Jeepers Creepers Truck – Jeep truck? – Is the Best Jeep Truck in India?

Jeeps Creepers is the only Jeep truck in India that is equipped with a large amount of advanced features.

It has two different engines, which is a good feature to have, but it has a rather small payload capacity.

The Jeeps truck is powered by a 2.5L petrol engine and has a maximum capacity of 25,000kg.

It can carry a total of 40 people.

Jeeps Creeper has a range of 2,500 km, and can be fully automated.

The maximum distance is 9,000km and is powered only by the diesel engine.

It will be sold only at a price of Rs 4,800.

Jeepers Creeper is a big seller among jeep owners.

The truck has a price tag of Rs 7,000 for the two engines, Rs 6,000 per axle and Rs 3,000 engine-wheel axle, and the engine-to-wheel and axle-to