What is Honda’s next-gen truck?

Honda is expected to announce its next-generation truck in January, and the first look at the new concept is already making the rounds.

Honda has been quietly releasing concept images of its next truck since early 2014, and it’s been teasing the concept for months.

The concept shows a new design with a taller roofline, a new grille and a longer wheelbase.

The truck will sport a two-passenger, front-wheel drive configuration with a four-speed automatic transmission.

The interior will also include a “comfort and comfort” option, and Honda has already teased its new concept concept of a crossover, an SUV and a light truck.

The company also plans to introduce a “truck” crossover in the future, with the new model likely to be called a “Honda Dream” or a “dream truck.”

The new concept image is from a video released by Honda last week.

The company has also been teasing a new generation of truck in the past.

In October, the company showed off a concept of its new truck at the 2017 North American International Auto Show.

The design of the truck was also seen at the show, with a longer grille, a taller front bumper and a larger grille opening.

The images show the new truck with a new body style that looks like a smaller version of the company’s current truck.

The next-Gen concept has yet to be revealed.

Honda’s most recent truck, the 2017 Honda Civic, was unveiled in October.