3 truck owners sue Trump over trucks

A truck owner has filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump over the truck he’s leased for decades.

The suit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in New York claims Trump is violating federal law by allowing his truck to be operated without paying taxes and failing to make good on repairs to the truck, according to a news release from the New York attorney general’s office.

The truck has been in the same owner’s garage for over 20 years, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit says Trump is “violating his contractual obligation to pay the federal income taxes owed to the United States,” the Associated Press reported.

The U.K.-based company that leased the truck is named in the suit as BAE Systems.

The company was founded by John Harkness, a former British Prime Minister, in 1988 and is based in Dagenham, south London.

It has been leased to the Trump family since 2000 and has owned it since 2008.

The trucks are registered in the United Kingdom and are owned by Harkess, who is a resident of Dagenam, the suit said.

In addition to the tax matters, the company also owns and operates other businesses, including a real estate business and a clothing line, according the release.

The filing seeks unspecified damages, court costs and costs incurred by the company.