Ford unveils new pickup truck, truck tool boxes, truck-mounted camera

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – Ford Motor Co is expanding its U.S. truck-equipped truck toolbox with more than 200 new pickup trucks and a new truck-powered video camera that will help it get more of its trucks in front of drivers.

The new Ford Expedition is a new version of the Expedition, a midsize truck that Ford says has been “delivered with high quality, comfort and performance in mind.”

The Expedition, which comes in a range of trim levels, is also equipped with a camera that can track how well a vehicle is driving.

Ford says it plans to use the camera to help customers decide which trucks are right for their home, family or business.

“With a fleet of more than 2.5 million Expedition trucks, we know our customers value being able to share the experience with their family and friends,” said Doug Freitas, Ford’s vice president of marketing and communications.

The Expedition comes with a trailer hitch, trailer locking device and four wheel drive.

Ford says the Expedition also has the ability to tow a 7,000-pound (3,500 kg) load.

Ford has been making its Expedition since 2006.

The Expedition is the first pickup in Ford’s history to come with a video camera.

“The Expedition video camera gives our Expedition customers the opportunity to share their journey with friends and family on video, making it easier to share moments with them,” said John Lutz, Ford vice president and general manager of the North America Division.

“A great addition to our Expedition lineup,” Lutz said in a statement.

The truck’s trailer can be moved with the wheel, which is handy for the Expedition.

The wheel has a small bump to the rear, and the trailer hitch can be slid up and down the trailer.

Ford has also added two-wheel drive on the Expedition to help the truck get around town.

The video camera is a “mini-cameras” that can record 360 degrees, Ford said in its announcement.

It’s similar to GoPro, which sells for $5,000 to $6,000.