How to fix your truck’s rear bumper issue

A repair job that could cost you hundreds of dollars and even take you to the hospital can be as simple as fixing your rear bumper.

But what if the problem isn’t your truck or the bumper itself?

Here’s how to fix the problem if it’s not your truck.1.

Get a lift.2.

Install a new bumper.3.

Change your tires.4.

Replace the bolts.5.

Replace your air bag.6.

Check your wiring.7.

Install an over-the-air (OTA) software update.8.

Get some more paint.9.

Install some new wheels.10.

Go to a tow truck.11.

Get the owner’s manual.12.

Contact the dealership to see if they’ll take your order.13.

Find out if the bumper is leaking.14.

Get an independent mechanic to do the job.15.

Check the rear bumper to make sure it’s all good.16.

Try using a torque wrench to loosen the bolts and remove the bumper from the truck.17.

Check to see that the bumper isn’t loose.18.

If you’re having trouble finding a tow vehicle, try renting a vehicle that isn’t an over the counter (OTC) service truck.19.

If your bumper isn�t working, check your brakes.20.

Check that your air bags are working.21.

Check for brake pads on the bumper.22.

Check tires and tiresignals on the rear of the truck to make certain they’re good.23.

Check tire pressure.24.

Check air bags.25.

Check engine temperature.26.

Check transmission fluid level.27.

Check fuel tank pressure.28.

Check electrical system.29.

Check a repair shop for a free repair kit.30.

Check out the insurance company to see what insurance you might have.31.

Check with your insurance company if you’re concerned about an issue with your vehicle.32.

Contact your local insurance company for a quote on a repair.33.

Make sure your car has all the fluids, oil, and brake pads you need to get the job done.34.

If the problem doesn�t seem like it�s your fault, check the brakes.35.

If everything else is working properly, but your car still isn�ts ready to go, get an OTA update and try to repair the problem.