New UPS truck to replace aging fleet of old trucks

A new truck, the largest ever built by the U.S. Postal Service, is set to replace an aging fleet.

The new truck is the largest-ever built by UPS in the U, the Postal Service said Tuesday.

The truck, called the Postmaster General’s new post, is expected to be in service by the end of 2019.

The old fleet of 4,000 trucks is aging because it’s being serviced by an older truck, a service known as a postmaster service, which is no longer required.

“We have a lot of truck capacity,” said Mark Kestner, senior vice president of operations for UPS.

“So we have to upgrade and make that capacity more available to meet the demands of the new truck.”

The new trucks will be delivered at a new depot in Philadelphia.

The Postal Service is the nation’s largest mail carrier, but has struggled with long delays in delivering mail.

The post office has struggled to meet growing demand for mail that has come from an aging workforce.

UPS, which has an inventory of about 1.6 million vehicles, recently announced it would retire 1,400 trucks from its fleet by 2025, which would save the Postal Union $30 million per year.