How to Buy a Used Jaguar truck

When the car that started it all is gone, the Jaguars are left to rebuild.

But one of their new vehicles has been a hit, so they’re bringing it back for the fans.CBS News has learned that the new pickup truck will be called the J-Truck.

The name was chosen because it’s the brand name of the vehicle, according to the company.

The vehicle, which is being built at GMC’s assembly plant in St. Louis, will have four doors, six seating spots, an automatic transmission and a roof rack.

Jaguars President Andy Lotter said the company plans to begin shipping the new truck to dealers and to the public in early 2019.

Lotter also said the JTruck will be a $2,000-per-year upgrade to the Jaguars brand.

Lotter said in an interview that the Jaguars have not made any decision on when the vehicle will be on the road, although he did not rule out that it could be before 2019.

Lotters father, longtime Jaguar executive Bob Lotter, who was named President of Jaguar in February, said he has been working on the design for about three years, with input from GMC, but the final decision on what to build and where to put the new Jaguar came down to the brand’s sales reps and executives.

Lottery said he thinks it will be about a year or two before it goes on sale.

But he did say the company expects to have about 1,500 J-Ts in the United States by the end of 2019.

The Jaguars are building them at the GMC assembly plant near St. Charles, Missouri.

The JT truck is the latest Jaguars project to make it to the market.

Lottery said last year that he was also working on an all-new Jaguar crossover called the Jaguar R.A.D. which was to go on sale in 2018.