New York Pizza is to start selling truck pro toy trucks

New York’s pizza delivery trucks will start selling garbage trucks starting on Thursday, with the arrival of the trucks in the US city of New York.

The trucks will be sold at various locations, including pizza restaurants and petrol stations.

They will be the first to offer trucks that are more than just “truck” in the company’s brand, according to The New York Times.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has called for a “new generation” of trucks, saying they can be used by residents who do not have access to the traditional delivery trucks.

Mr de Blasio said in March that his administration is targeting “a new generation of trucks” that are “in-demand” for New York and “cannot be ignored”.

Mr deBlasio said the trucks would help residents of the city.

New Yorkers are already using delivery trucks to deliver groceries and other items, and Mr de Blasio recently said the city would use delivery trucks in a similar way to the way that it uses UberX to transport people around the city and offer free rides.