How hackers stole more than $40,000 from a toy truck

Hackers stole more the toys they intended to sell on eBay, a New York cyber truck maker said Tuesday, in a rare case of an individual stealing a vehicle.

The stolen toys included the Tesla Model S electric car, which is popular in China and other countries.

“I’m glad I found this truck,” said Chris Kroll, founder and CEO of the online toy maker,

“My truck was stolen from me.”

Kroll said he contacted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) after the theft.

He said his truck was not insured, but he was able to get a replacement from the truck manufacturer.

Kroll had said in the past that he would replace stolen trucks, but the theft happened at the same time as a lawsuit he filed against his former employer.

The NHTSA told CNN in a statement that they are aware of the incident and are investigating.

The FTC and the Justice Department have launched investigations into the theft of the Tesla, which was launched in 2012.

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A few of the trucks that will be sold out by the end of June are those that are a bit more expensive.

A new truck topping the list is the Lava trucks.

The company has sold out of their entire line, but you can still find a few truckers in the store for those that want to get their hands on the trucks.

You can also find them in the toy section of stores like Target and Toys R Us, as well as on eBay.

The Lava Truck topper is an all-electric truck that is the perfect addition to your truck collection.

The toy trucks are a little more affordable, but still a solid buy for those looking for something fun to get around town.