How to stop the monster truck toys boom

Truck toys and other monster truck accessories are starting to make a comeback.

In addition to their popularity, these vehicles offer a unique opportunity to create new jobs for local residents, said Todd Ellington, the president of the Maine Association of Real Estate Agents.

The state, Ellingons association said, has lost over 40,000 jobs since the economic downturn hit.

“It’s a great opportunity for us,” he said.

The Maine Association has been working with local business owners and government officials to promote the growth of truck toy production.

Truck toys are a good way to diversify the economy, said Ellingtons executive director, Jeff Linn.

In a statement, the Maine State Legislature passed a law in 2013 allowing for the manufacture of trucks and other toy accessories.

The legislation also made it illegal to sell truck toys to minors, and banned trucks and trailers from being parked on public property, including roads.

The ban was later expanded to include the public spaces in rural areas.

Truck toy manufacturers are looking to expand their sales in the future.

“I think the demand for trucks is going to be there,” Ellingsons association president said.

In the next two years, the association will be working with other groups, such as the Maine Tourism Development Authority, to help the truck toy industry expand.

The association has also developed a training program for truck toy makers to help educate the public about truck toy safety.

“The trucks themselves are safe, they are safe as a whole,” Elledsons group president said, “but it’s the accessories that are really important.”

Monster truck rentals: Managers say ‘no way’ to let it go again

MANITOBA, British Columbia—The owners of a truck rental company that let a giant monster truck roll through their city are in the middle of an investigation into its possible role in a fatal collision that killed two young men.

The truck was rented out for a couple of weeks, and the owner, a woman named Christine, says the renters were never aware of the potential risks associated with transporting large vehicles.

“I thought we were just taking a trip with our dogs,” she said.

After the collision on the night of Feb. 3, police received a call that a large truck had been involved in a collision and had hit a parked vehicle.

One of the occupants of the truck, a 55-year-old man, was killed and two other people were seriously injured.

Investigators believe the truck was driven to the wrong address in the city’s downtown area, and Christine suspects her rental company, which owns the truck in question, let the vehicle roll through town.

One of the men was identified as Matthew Bowers, 20, who was from Vancouver, B.C., and had recently moved to Manitoba.

He was working at a truck repair shop when the collision happened.

Another victim, 25-year‑old John Bowers of Kelowna, Alta., was in a cab with a friend when the truck collided with a car parked on a highway in Winnipeg.

Bowers was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police believe the two men were traveling on a rural highway near a town called O’Connor.

Christine said her company has rented out a number of large vehicles for a few weeks and has not had any problems with drivers.

She said they don’t allow the vehicles to be driven past the rental company’s parking lot and she was never notified about the truck’s possible hazards.

Despite the rental’s safety precautions, Christine said her truck was never inspected.

Her company is now investigating the incident and said they will determine whether the rental had any information that would have allowed the truck to be rented.

A spokesperson for the company said the company was cooperating with police, and that it has no plans to shut down.

(With files from Reuters)