Why The Brinks Truck Camper Shell Is The Perfect Camper Truck Shell

Brinks is a manufacturer of trucks and camper trailers.

Its truck camper shell was the first vehicle ever made that has a built-in engine, which is why it was the only truck campper shell to get the “Best Truck Campper Shell Award” in 2014.

Now, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company is finally shipping its final camper trailer shell, called the Brinks Camper Trough.

And it looks pretty damn cool.

Here’s how the shell looks, in all its glory: The Brinks truck camperetta shell was a design goal from the very beginning.

The company wanted a truck shell that could accommodate a truck’s payload, which in a camper is typically about 2.5 tons.

The idea behind the camper camper was to be able to take more load and not have to deal with the load that it would put on the vehicle.

It also helps that the shell is designed to be durable enough that it will not wear out, meaning it won’t crack.

The shells are manufactured in China and then shipped to the company’s factory in Brackenridge, Nevada.

When it ships out to customers, the shell comes with a protective case.

The shell is finished with a matte black coating that is resistant to scratches and dents.

And while the shell has a 3.3-inch (9.2-millimeter) wide footprint, it’s not quite as wide as a normal truck shell.

So when you’re on a road trip, you’ll need a bigger vehicle.

And the truck cammer is a big vehicle, which means you’ll want a bigger truck.

The shells come with three different sizes.

They come in a 4.5-inch to 6.5 inch (13.4 to 20.5 millimeters) width.

At the end of the day, the shells are intended to be used for trucks that can carry two people.

There are plenty of camper trucks out there, but the Brinktrough is one of the first trucks that comes with built-on engine capacity.

But the shells also have other perks.

They come with a built in GPS unit that can tell the vehicle where to go.

They have a built on heated floor mat that can be moved out of the way when a truck has to park, and they come with an LED headlight.

The truck campers shell is not just a shell, it is also designed to make sure the driver stays safe and keeps the campeter out of harm’s way.

So if you’re out and about and you need to park your truck campet, there is an optional truck camporter that comes pre-installed.

And if you are on the move, there are three additional options that come with the truck.

The Brinkcamper Camper is the first camper truck shell to come with built in navigation, so the driver can get directions without having to worry about the GPS system.

And there is also a backup camper with built on GPS that can help you get home safely when the weather gets too cold to drive in.

If you want more information on the Brinker camper, you can check out the BrINK Camper trailer video below:

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