How do you use a truck bed extension to fix a bed leak?

A bed extension, or bed extenders, are one of the easiest ways to fix the leaking bed in your truck bed.

You can use them to extend the bed by adding additional supports or by using them to support a larger bed, all without cutting out any of the metal or adding any extra weight.

Here’s how to use one of these bed extensions to fix an oil leak in your pickup.1.

Cut out the metal.

This one is easy, just cut a section of sheet metal to fit the area.

You’ll need to measure out how much metal you’ll need, but you’ll probably want to be sure to cut out a piece that fits perfectly.

You could use a hacksaw to make this task a bit easier.2.

Drill a hole in the metal, then use a flathead screwdriver to make the hole big enough to pass through the metal piece you just cut.3.

Drill holes in the wood, then attach the extension to the metal extension.

You’re almost there!4.

Use the extender to add additional support to the larger bed.5.

Add more wood or metal to support the larger piece of bed.6.

Use a hackshaft to attach the bed extension back to the original bed.7.

You should have an easy time keeping the original truck bed clean and tidy.