Man accused of dumping truck tires on L.A. freeway has pleaded guilty to driving without a license

L.L.A., CA — A California man accused of leaving his truck tires in the roadway of a freeway has agreed to plead guilty to a charge of driving without an appropriate license.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael T. Hickey ruled Thursday that Daniel R. Boggs, 24, of Sacramento will have to pay more than $4,500 in fines.

The court also ordered him to pay a $1,500 court-ordered fine, and ordered that Boggns be ordered to complete 100 hours of community service and to have his license suspended for 30 days.

Boggs is also barred from having any contact with anyone with a valid or expired driver’s license or driving permit.

Bogs is due back in court on May 29.

He pleaded guilty in March to misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol.

Prosecutors had asked Hickey to allow Boggys to go free after he was arrested in October and admitted he was under the control of drugs.

He was taken into custody shortly after being released on bail.

He was released the next day, but he pleaded guilty again to DUI, the California Department of Corrections said.