Manards trucks moving rental in Alaska

Manards truck rentals have moved to the capital, Anchorage, and the company says it’s expecting a boost in business.

The company, based in Anchorage, said it hired about 300 workers in the city.

“We’ve had some good days and some bad days in terms of how people are reacting to it,” Mark Smith, president and CEO, told NBC News.

“But the business is going great, and we’re just hoping to continue doing what we’re doing.”

Smith said the move was an important one to make, but it also came with a new focus.

“Now we’re trying to get our people out to the West Coast and see what the market is like,” he said.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been here.

I think we’re at the beginning of that process.”

He said the company has also hired more than 2,000 people, and has a plan to hire another 2,400.

“Right now we’re a full-time company,” Smith said.

The move comes after years of decline for truck rental companies, which saw their revenues drop to $13.5 billion last year from $18.9 billion in 2016.

The decline has resulted in the closure of about 700 locations in the U.S. and the relocation of hundreds of thousands of truck drivers.

But Smith said he was confident that the company would be back on the right track.

“This is a great day,” he told NBC affiliate KVAL.

“There’s a lot of momentum right now.”

He also said that he is looking to expand the company in the future, adding that he has a team working on a plan for the company to move back to Alaska.